Oman Geological Field guide officially launched

The „Field Guide to the Geology of Northeastern Oman“ authored by Steinmann-Institute members PD Dr. Gösta Hoffman and Dr. Anne Zacke was officially launched during the Annual General Meeting of the Geological Society of Oman in Muscat on January 30th.

“Oman is like a museum. In Oman you can study the geology like nowhere else in the world. In contrast to many other countries, the rocks are accessible and visible on the surface,” said Prof. Dr. Gösta Hoffmann during his speech yesterday while adding that the geology of Oman is spectacular – for the touristic layman and the geologist alike. Exceptionally well exposed rocks offer a fascinating outcrop experience, second to none. The scenery is unique, and often breathtaking. As the field guide is written in a textbook style and presents the geology in a comprehensible way, a broad understanding is facilitated. Therefore, this book not only addresses geologists but also amateurs, visitors and travelers exploring the beauty and the significance of Oman geology.

See press reports from the Oman Observer and the German University of Technology in Oman (GUtech).



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