Paleo sealevel research in Oman

Currently, our research group leader Gösta Hoffmann, PhD student Valeska Decker, and Master student Jessica Landgraf are on a field campaign in Oman to track down paleo mangrove forests along the coastline.

The leading cause: Mangrove ecosystems used to be far more widespread just a few thousand years ago. Which ecological factors lead to their heavy decline? What was the impact of climate change, rising sea levels or other factors? The first step closer to an answer is to investigate the actual distribution of paleo mangrove forests. In a second step dating the discovered paleo mangroves will be necessary.

By this time the team was joined by Huda and Zahra, two undergrad students from GUtech (the cooperating university in Muscat).

Now another student from Bonn joined fieldwork: Maurice Malcharzyk (undergrad). PhD student Bastian Schneider, who has been part of the Oman project for many years now, currently leads the work with the drone. As soon as enough data on the paleo mangrove forests is collected the team will move on to measure raised, marine terraces.


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