GPS measurements and terrain mapping via drone

As reported, our research group held a field campaign in Oman in February 2018 to forward the ongoing project there.

In a final step, the last missing coastal section between Shab and Qualhat was mapped with GPS. By doing this, the investigation of the raised, marine terraces along the northeastern coastline of Oman is now complete. Additionally, the team discovered and measured new fault lines, which contribute to our knowledge of the tectonic situation of the terraces.

High resolution, 3-dimensional shots of several objects and terrain models of various landscapes were created with help of a drone. By this, paleolagoons, fault lines, as well as archaeological sites were recorded in detail.



The following shows an example of an originally coloured terrain model and a digital elevation model (strongly reduced quality) that were created by our drone. These examples impressively demonstrate the interaction between tectonics and the evolution of the drainage system.




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