ABCJ-Fieldtrip 2018

The time has come again: for the third time in a row, the ABC/J Geo-network sent students exploring the desert under the supervision of Dr Gösta Hoffmann and Valeska Decker.

For two weeks (11th to 25th of March) the participants exchanged the auditorium for the open field, a bed for a camping mattress in a tent, and a shower for the sea and bright blue wadi streams. In an unparalleled experience the 20 geoscience and geography students from Aachen, Bonn, Cologne, and Jülich learned more about the geology, archaeology, and culture of Oman.

Oman is an outstanding destination for field trips like this: rock formations that are rarely observed at the earth`s surface are on display here in an almost museum-like manner. Best examples are the Mohorovičić discontinuity (Moho), that represents the border between earth`s crust and earth`s mantle or the pillow basalts of the Samail Ophiolite.

Did this spark your interest? Get more information on the field trips blog. Furthermore, we recommend our latest release: Field Guide to the Geology of Northeastern Oman. The book covers most geological stops of the field trip and contains detailed maps that make exploring on your own as simple as possible.

News articles on the field trip were published by the Daily Observer Oman as well as on the homepage of GUtech (German Technological University in Oman). Find them here!



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