OutcropWizard – Geology first hand

OutcropWizard is a free Android-App created by two students in our research group (Edouard Grigowski and Martin Monschau). The App is a digital, geological guide and enables the user to experience “geology first hand” – just as the slogan goes.

Whether you are a student, a professor in the field of geology, or just enthusiastic about nature, Outcrop Wizard offers something to everyone: You can find outstanding geological features in your area, enter outcrops you discovered yourself, and share the sensation!

Certainly, the app is in need of more users who support it, fill it up with data, and give suggestions for improvement. That is where you come into play! Take action and be a part of creating the first Germany-wide outcrop database!

Also, to all the geology enthusiasts: download OutcropWizard from Google Play Store, explore digitally and be part of the growing community!


Find more information on the application here and in the powerpoint presentation below (presentation is in German).

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