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Our Study Areas

The reconstruction of Quaternary sea level variations along the coastline of Oman puts our studies in line with the latest global research interests. We focus not only on long-term eustatic and regional trends but also on short-term, extreme wave events like tsunamis and tropical cyclones. Traditional geological methods like mapping and sedimentpetrology are complemented by remote sensing methods.

This future project will connect northeastern Oman with western India. On the basis of paleo mangrove forests along both coastlines, the Holocene development of monsoonal phenomena at the Indian Ocean will be investigated.

Is northern Germany tectonically active? Given, a possible, deep geological repository of nuclear waste within Permian (Zechstein) formations, this question is of great concern. The discovery of possibly seismic induced, soft sediment deformation structures on the Baltic sea island Rügen initiated this research project in 2009. The project studies the effect of post-glacial, isostatic adjustment of the Baltic Shield on the tectonic setting of the Baltic area.

This multidisciplinary project between the Archeology of University Kagoshima and the Environmental Geology and Petrology research groups of the Steinmann Institute give insight into the pottery production of the 9th/10th century. By geological mapping and petrologic characterisation of sediment samples, transportation paths of natural resources needed for the ceramic production are reconstructed.

"Wer ohne die Welt auszukommen glaubt, irrt sich. Wer aber glaubt, dass die Welt nicht ohne ihn auskommen könnte, irrt sich noch mehr."

Francois de la Rochefoucauld  (1613-80)