Aktuelle Arbeitsgebiete

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Aktuelle Projekte

DFG HO 2550/11-1: "Quantifizierung der relativen Meeresspiegelentwicklung entlang der Küsten im Oman (Arabische See)"

ORG/GUTECH/EBR/14/014: Quaternary sea-level changes in Oman

IGCP Project 639 "Sea Level Change from Minutes to Millennia"

Production and Distribution of Sue ware at the Southern border - Complementary Research in Archaeology and Natural Sciences, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) A-15H01902

Abgeschlossene Projekte

ORG-EBR-10-006: Short- and long-term environmental changes along the coastline of Oman (Arabian Peninsula): 07.2011-06.2014

DFG: SFB 806, Teilprojekt B4: Climatic evolution of the Marmara Region during the past 50.000 years, 2009-2013

DFG: Coastal evolution of the Sultanate Oman (Arabian Peninsula) - tectonic versus sea-level forcing, 2010-2011

DFG: Geologie und Geochemie des Iznik Sees (Türkei), 2002-2009

DFG: Interaction of Holocene coastal evolution and fluvial dynamics in the Rhine-Meuse detal, The Netherlands, 2005-2008

Anorganisch-geochemische Untersuchungen an tertiären Seesedimenten (mit Unterstützung des Landesamtes für Denkmalpflege Rheinland-Pfalz, Ref. Erdgeschichtliche Denkmalpflege)

Provenance-Analyse und Beckenentwicklung, Lodève Becken (Südfrankreich)

Umweltbedingungen im oberen Perm und der unteren Trias auf Mallorca (Sedimentologie, Geochemie, Paläontologie)

Geo-Ökosystem-Entwicklung und Klimaveränderungen vom Perm bis in das Tertiär (Junggar-Becken, NW-China)

3D Methods in Geoscience

We are applying various state-of the art geoscientific 3D methods in our working group.


Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS):

Documentation of outstanding cultural heritage sites in Oman:

The Necropolis of Jaylah on the Salmah Plateau. The reamins of about 50 ancient Beehive tombs can be found here. Those enigmatic towers were built around 5000 years ago and were only discovered and described by Paul Yule in 1991. Some of the towers are in pristine condition, but subject to danger due to vandalism and looting.



The "Coleman's Rock" or Hasan bin Salt is one of the most important and unique rock-art monuments on the Arabian Peninsula. A number of petroglyphs, depicting human figure, were carved into this huge limestone boulder. Altogehter seven figures could be identified. Their age is unknown, but pre-islamic, as a naked female figure is engraved in the rock. The rock is located in an active wadi bed and therefore endangered by erosion, but also a target of modern grafitti.



Documentation of the Karst cave "Malachitdom" in Bleiwäsche, Germany which is endangered by recent mining activities.



UAV-based Photogrammetry:

High-resolution mapping of difficult to access outcrops such as vertical cliffs is supported by UAV-based photogrammetry. A low-cost and quick method to accuire highly detailed outcrop models which allow a detailed investigation of complex outcrops. In this example, we mapped the Unkeler Falte (Unkel fold), Germany, with a DJI Phantom 4 and Pix4D. Recording of the images and the computing time was less than 5h.