M.Sc. Alina Ermertz


Masterstudentin AG Umweltgeologie 2017/2018

Aktuelle Anstellung

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin beim BGR (Fachbereich B4.4: Erdbeben, Gefährdungsanalysen, Fernerkundung).




Betreuer: PD Dr. G. Hoffmann

Titel der Masterarbeit:

GIS-based Remote Sensing Analyses and 3D-Modelling of Marine Terraces in NE Oman.


Marine terraces can be found along many coasts of the world’s continents. As they are the result of lithospheric uplift in combination with sea level changes, these geomorphological markers are important subjects for the investigation of Quaternary sea level changes. Along the northeastern coast of Oman, marine terraces can be identified in limestone formations in up to eleven levels and elevations up to 450 m asl. High-grade erosion and deeply incised wadi systems as well as numerous faults dissecting the terraces complicate the terrace correlation throughout the whole study area. Furthermore, several processes including the plate tectonic configuration as well as a local factor, the serpentinization of ophiolitic rocks, are thought to be responsible for the uplift in this area. However, a detailed structural analysis has not been carried out so far. This study shows that the terraced area along 50 km of the northeastern coast of Oman basically can be divided into four blocks, separated by large WNW-ESE trending fault zones displacing the blocks relative to each other. Faults dissecting the youngest terrace deposits prove neotectonic activity. 3D modeling supported earlier assumed elevation developments of the terrace platforms to (1) increase in elevation towards the south and (2) increase in dip towards the north, showing that uplift is intensified in the south due to serpentinization of ophiolitic rocks that underlie the limestone formations in the southern part of the study area. This work is thought to give a first understanding of the tectonic structure, complementing to the terrace correlation along the coast. Additionally, earlier studies that were conducted in that area neglected the influence of serpentinization on the uplift, whose relevance is proven in this study.