M.Sc. Martin Monschau


Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter 2019

Masterstudent 2016/17






Aktuelle Anstellung

Ab April 2019: Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter AG Umweltgeologie (OutcropWizard)



Betreuer: PD Dr. G. Hoffmann & Prof. Dr. B. Reichert

Titel der Masterarbeit:

Dating of Palaeobeach deposits on the eastern coast of Oman.


Continuous uplift in combination with the eustatic sea level changes forced the formation of coastal terraces during the interglacial periods along the eastern coast of Oman. In the course of this, a highest sea level leaves its trace in the landscape in the form of palaeobeach deposits with typical beachrock formations. These are recognizable in the composition of conglomerates, sandstones and a large number of ichnofossils. Due to the combination of abrasion, weathering and bioturbation, only a small number of fossil beaches persist. These beachrock layers occur at the highest point of every terrace end and can be easily mapped in the field by examining the slope over an even longer distance. The present survey was carried out on an uplifted block between Qalhat and Daghmar about 120 km south of the capital city Muscat with the support of differential GPS datasets at six different terrace levels. By using cosmogenic nuclides (10Be and 36Cl), four terraces were dated and correlated with a chronological sequence of their appearance. Based on the fact that terraces only develop during times of mean sea level high stands, which correlate to warm phases, the terraces on the eastern coast of Oman have an age from MIS 5e up to MIS 15a. With an uplift rate from 0.08 mm/y up to 0.19 mm/y, the plate rises very slowly and makes development and preservation of the terraces possible.